Crossroads Carers Card

The ID card that unlocks exclusive benefits


Crossroads is an official partner of Carers Card UK, a nationally recognised ID card for unpaid carers.

The Crossroads Carers ID Card helps you prove you’re an unpaid carer. Being able to officially confirm you’re caring for someone helps when dealing with medical professionals, councils, carer organisations and social services. Your card also includes ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contact details and access to your ‘Emergency Carer Plan’ (optional) vis the interactive QR code.

Your digital and physical card not only serves as a form of ID but also gives you exclusive access to hundreds of savings, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands and local businesses. The Crossroads benefits website and apps are jam-packed with top discounts spread across 21 categories – everything from food & drink to once in a lifetime experiences.

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