Being a carer can be demanding, and relentless at times and it is important to get as much support as you can.

By coming along to a Carer Support Group, you can meet others in a similar situation, share experiences and tips to cope in challenging situations.

What do Carers Groups involve?

  • bring together people with shared experiences to support each other
  • provide a space where you feel accepted and understood
  • treat everyone’s experiences as being equally important
  • involve both giving and receiving support.

Our Carer Support Groups

Our free Carer Support Groups are run by our experienced team members. They offer you the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, learn more about the condition you are caring for and of course, give you a break.

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I’ve never been to a support group, will I fit in?

Carer support groups are friendly, and informal. The groups may involve a guest speaker, or it may be a space where you can talk to others about your caring role and give each other support. Or simply just listen and be around others.

Caring for someone else can be quite isolating, so having contact with other carers can help fight feelings of isolation. You can come regularly or just pop in now and again, and stay for a short time.

During group sessions, you can:

  • Share with others what it feels like to look after someone.
  • Have your own needs recognised and understood.
  • Get information and learn more about support and local services.
  • Share ideas on looking after yourself and managing your caring role.
  • And what’s said in the group, remains in the group – it’s confidential.

Our Carer Support Groups take place at places in community centres. There’s always tea/coffee on offer and our staff are there to support you. We know it can be daunting to come along for the first time by yourself – but you can be sure of a warm welcome.

There is usually no need to book on our Carer Support Groups and they are all free to attend.