Taking Breaks

When you’re caring for someone it can be easy to keep putting their needs before your own. However, it’s important to try to plan regular breaks – known as respite from caring – into your routine. This is for your own wellbeing, so that you do not end up feeling burnt out, stressed or making yourself feel ill.

Finding Time for YOU

Finding some time to relax and unwind is important for carers. Try to consider ‘me time’ to be just as important as the other regular activities you do with the person you care for.

It is a good idea to make your plans in advance as not only will it give you something to look forward to, it will give plenty of time to make sure that the person you care for knows what to expect when you are not about.

One of the first steps towards finding the respite you need is requesting a carers assessment from your local council. A Carers Assessment is your opportunity to tell someone about your experiences and the impact that caring is having on your daily life. As a result of this assessment, you may be offered financial and practical help with accessing some time to yourself.

Visit our page on Carers Assessment.

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Day Centre

A day centre (also known as a day club) is a service which is provided by Local Authorities, the NHS, or voluntary/private organisations. They are a place where elderly people or people who have learning/physical difficulties can go during the day to socialise with others in a similar situation and take part in activities. As well as the benefit to the person with care needs, a day centre or club can provide much needed respite to family carers. You can discuss this with your local council as part of a care assessment.

Crossroads is pleased to offer our own day club in Sandwell which has a skilled team of Crossroads Care Support Workers on hand to assist people with mealtimes and toileting needs if required.

Find out more here – Crossroads Day Club.

Attending Carer Support Groups

Carer Support Groups and events run by Crossroads are designed for carers. These regular, free support groups across Sandwell are a place to meet others in a similar situation to yourself, talk or just listen and get practical support from our experienced team members.

Carer’s Grant

If you provide substantial care as an unpaid carer, a Carers Grant can enable you to take up a break, activity, service or training that will improve your health or wellbeing.

A break doesn’t have to mean a holiday – it can also mean having time away from your caring role to do something for you. This could be something like going for regular massages or going to visit family and friends.