Time to Move?

If you have exhausted all options when it comes to making changes around the home to make things easier to care for your loved one and you feel that your house is really no longer fit for purpose, you may have to consider some alternative solutions.

My current home is no longer suitable

Sometimes it is clear that a home is no longer suitable due to changing health needs. If there is no way the home can be adapted sufficiently to accommodate these needs, there are some options to find more suitable accommodation.

Speak to your local authority and request a Needs Assessment, through this they will be able to advise on what the alternative options are. These options could be looking at supported living schemes, relocating to a more suitable home, or investigating whether a care home might be the safest option.

If you or your loved one are receiving a care package from Crossroads, a member of our team can help to arrange a Needs Assessment. Alternatively, if you live in Sandwell, you can visit their Care and Support Assessment webpage.

To look for a care home within Sandwell, you can use a trusted directory of care homes such as carehomes.co.uk.

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