Physical activity can benefit you in lots of ways. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, improve brain health, improve sleep quality, help you to maintain or lose weight, strengthen muscles and boost your immune system. People who exercise regularly also have a lower risk of developing many long-term (chronic) conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers.

We know that when it comes to being active, time constraints and other barriers mean it can sometimes be challenging to be able to do full-length exercise sessions or go to leisure facilities at a fixed time every week. You might want to start by aiming to complete 10,000 steps a day. Whether outside or in the house, walk, jog or run depending on your level of fitness. If you prefer something more structured, please see the online support available below.

Exercise Support Online

Carers UK has created a series of short video workouts and bitesize functional exercises that feature real carers alongside instructors. The videos will help you to be active in a way that works for you.

There are short videos which you can do when your time is limited and longer videos when you have more time available.

Carers Trust home exercise videos.

The NHS website also has a whole section on exercise, with some great how-to videos and programmes that you can do yourself at home.

NHS exercise tips and videos

Can I exercise with the person I care for?

You may want to exercise with the person you care for, If you search online, there are many accessible videos and resources available that can be completed at home together. These are just a couple of examples:

Physical activity is good for your body and mind. Aim to be a little bit more active each day, the more you do the better you’ll feel.