We understand the importance of ensuring Personal Assistants (P.A’s) are trained and knowledgeable in both mandatory and specialist areas and we can offer a wide range of training courses to support this, including first aid, health & safety, manual handling, safeguarding adults and many more.

We welcome everyone to our Training Hub in Oldbury, with the added opportunity of meeting others, including families, paid carers and other P.A’s.

Alternatively, for larger groups of P.A’s, trainers may be able to visit your premises.

Individual Employers

If you are and individual employer, you can use a personal budget from health and/or social care (direct payment or personal health budget) or your own money (also called self-funding) to pay for your P.A and their training.

Employing you own P.A and, ensuring that they receive specialised training, enables them to be more confident and knowledgeable about your specific care requirements.

If you are an individual employer for Personal Assistants, please contact us or call 0121 553 6483 to discuss opportunities.