Special Delivery from Creative Olly!

Olly with his pictures and hand cream

Special Delivery from Creative Olly!

Seven year old Olly  from Brandhall, Oldbury has raised £140 by selling his drawings and raffling off a teddy that he made to buy hand creams for carers working in our local area, including the team here at Crossroads!

Olly, whose mum, Joanne Welch is a carer, noticed how sore her hands were getting from washing them and using hand sanitiser to keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic. He knew the same must be happening to other carers out in our community.

Joanne said, “When the schools closed, Olly took to drawing as he was getting bored, so I asked him if he wanted to try and raise money from them and he was so happy. I asked what he would like to provide and he said hand cream for carers, so I listened and helped him along the way. He also made a teddy and raffled it off. At first he thought his pictures wouldn’t be good enough, but he raised enough to buy 120 tubes of hand cream and the bags to wrap them in!”.

“We then looked for local care providers and care homes to deliver them to. We went to Crossroads, Queensridge Court, Penmakers, Bearwood Nursing Home, Fountain Court and Beechcroft. He felt so happy to see how many people smiled and appreciated his efforts.”

We would like to say a massive well done and thank you to Olly. His small gesture really makes big difference to members of our Care Support Team who are working hard to care for vulnerable members of our community, safely – the hand creams will definitely be used to replenish dry hands due to excess hand washing and hand sanitiser use at the moment.


Olly's Teddy